Basic Electricity for HVAC – Part 2 – No Prerequisite!

Price: $275
For Owner-Operators & Service Contractors
Start Date: October 25, 2019
Start Time: 7:30 am | End Time: 3:30 pm

What You Will Learn in TrainingWe will continue the learning process after Basic Electricity Part I by focusing on troubleshooting. We will deep-dive into the concept of motors and how basic electricity drives the operation of compressors, fans, pumps and more. We will look at motor types and operations, and the concept of frequency drives and operating motors for best energy efficiency results. Part 2 discusses the types of meters in electrical monitoring and troubleshooting, such as multi-meters, ohmmeters and voltmeters. We will also discuss the concept of how amp draw changes as problems occur in AC systems.Specific Training Course Objectives• Working knowledge of the electronics associated with today’s systems. • Understanding of electrical distribution within buildings. • Support of service and maintenance of HVAC systems. • A greater awareness working with electricity safely. • Knowledge and use of meters in troubleshooting. • Electrical troubleshooting of HVAC systems. • Motor operations and safety practices.

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We are not responsible for reprinting certificates of completion. All students are to handle their certificates with care and share with employers if required after finishing each training class.